Please can all Members please sign up via spond to help with team selection and track and trace when visiting the club. Full instructions below on how to do it. Click the link to take you to the registration page. You can sign up as a player or a social member. Please complete all the fields on the form and submit them at the end. The Membership Secretary will be notified of the new submission and will review the information (please note this may not be immediately and can take a day or two). Once reviewed Jackie will approve the registration. You will then receive an email direct from Spond advising your membership has been approved. Next (up to 30 minutes later), you will receive another email from Spond to ask you to pay your fees – click on the blue box in the email that says Go to payment. This will open up a separate tab on your browser called Annual Subs. There will be another blue box at the bottom of the page that says Pay £10.00. Click on the blue box and this will bring up a secure payment pop-up box for you to enter your payment details. When finished submit the payment and all will be complete. If payment is not made within 7 days, you will receive a reminder to pay from Spond. We would suggest you download the Spond App if you have a smartphone as cricket selection is being done via the app.
If you have any problems or any questions, please email
Charlie at

List of Membership Costs:

Adult Playing Member £70.00

Students Playing Adult Cricket £35.00

Adult Playing Lady member £25.00

Adult Playing Match Subs £10.00 per match

Social Membership £10.00 per person

Junior Section (First Child) £55.00 (Note parents automatically obtain Social Membership)

Junior Section (Additional Child) £30.00

All Stars £50.00 (Note this includes some Kit and parents automatically
obtain Social Membership)

All Stars for players that already have All Stars kit from previous seasons – £25