During the 2021 season, Capel Cricket Club started looking into live streaming equipment for us to use for our senior games. Thanks to many generous donations from the village and help from members of the club, we have managed to create our own live streaming setup that allows us to stream live onto youtube. This allows us to stream our away games back to the Club for anyone at the club to watch, meaning you can watch our 1st and 2nd teams in one place. Find our YouTube channel here or type Capel Cricket Club on youtube.

Live Streaming information

We will from time to time “Live Stream” matches, or take pictures, or use other Audio-Visualtechnology to record games. This means that the game will be filmed using a digital camera, and the images overlaid with a scoreboard. These images will then be transferred up to the internet to our social media platform of choice. The purpose for this is for developing and creating materials for new training programmes and initiatives and creating materials for publicity. It is also for the enjoyment of players to review their own performances, and for members of the club and the wider community to enjoy matches that they can’t attend in person. Recorded material will not be used to question the decision of umpires or as a decision referral system.

It is possible that some of this footage may be used for capturing an incident and reviewed as part of that investigation.

The footage will be posted to YouTube on the Capel Cricket Club site, which is available to watch by the whole internet, or to the CCC private Facebook page which is not publicly available.

Consent will be obtained from parents/guardians of under 16’s being filmed before the match starts, and any under 16 players will be informed at the match that they are being filmed. If any player would prefer for the match not to be live streamed, then the match recording will not take place. Any player has the right to withdraw consent to be filmed. Your data is protected by GDPR, for details of this please refer to Chapter III of the UK GDPR. Consent for recording adult games will be gained by contacting the Captain of the Opposition who will be asked to contact his players. Consent for any junior players in that team will be handled as detailed above by the Captain of the Opposition.- Revision 1 – Issued March 2022

Please be aware that all the information you provide us with is held separately from all the other information we collect about you (as set out above). It is not used or shared in the ways we’ve described above. The live streams and images will be stored on the appropriate social media platform for as long as we are able without being charged by the relevant platform as a record of matches played.